Editing the Timing of Grace Notes

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Editing the Timing of Grace Notes

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Just as you can view and edit the performed timing of normal notes, you can also view and edit the performed timing of grace notes, using Piano Roll Notation.

prcarrow To view and edit the performed timing of grace notes:

1.In the Grace Note Palette, toggle off the Show Grace Notes and Ornaments viewing_and_editing_timi button. The grace notes will be displayed as written-out notes, highlighted in the color purple, as illustrated below, and as described in Viewing Grace Notes as Written-Out Notes.


2.Click the Piano Roll tab:

-- OR --


Composer will display the Piano Roll Notation for the written-out short notes, as illustrated below:


3.Follow the procedures for editing the performed timing of notes, as described in Viewing and Editing the Performance of Notes.

For example, to move the performed attack of a grace note to the right or left:

B816Select the written-out short note.
B816Click the Edit Performed Timing viewing_and_editing_timi2 button in the Piano Roll Palette.

    -- OR --

Type "ep" for edit performance.

B816While holding down the "A" key (for attack), click the RightArrowKey or LeftArrowKey key one or more times, or hold down the Arrow key.