The Purpose of Notation Composer

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The Purpose of Notation Composer

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Notation Composer is a software tool that offers you an efficient and enjoyable way to prepare music-- both the sound and the notation-- for your own use, for performance by other musicians, and for visually interactive listening.

Although "Composer" is in the name Notation Composer, using it as a tool for composing is just one of several ways that Composer can help enrich your musical creativity.

With Notation Composer, you can:

B816find music (MIDI) files on the Internet and convert them to printable sheet music
B816study and enjoy music
B816practice music on your instrument or practice singing
B816arrange music for your particular instrument
B816arrange music that matches your performance skills, voice range, or stylistic taste
B816arrange parts to match the makeup of your group of performing musicians
B816if you are a music teacher, prepare lessons for your students
B816compose music and write songs from scratch
B816save audio files to share with others for practice or enjoyment