Editing Ornaments

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Editing Ornaments

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In addition to grace notes, Composer supports the following types of ornaments:


The above chart shows how the various types of ornaments might be performed, although you can precisely specify alternative durations for the individual performance notes. For example, you can specify the individual trill notes to have any duration such as 32nd, 64th or 16th triplet. Or, you can write out the notes of an accelerated trill, starting with 16th notes and ending in 32nd triplets, and then convert the written-out trill notes to a trill ornament symbol.

The chart shows the corresponding buttons in the Ornament Palette for each type of ornament, and the keyboard shortcuts. Type SHIFT+O to show the Ornament Palette. Or, follow the procedure in Adding Ornaments for navigating to the Ornament Palette with your mouse.

In most books and literature on music notation, you will find that grace notes are classified as ornaments, among the other types that are named "ornaments" in Composer. We agree that grace notes are ornaments. But because the procedures for editing grace notes are inherently different that these other types of ornaments, Composer provides a separate Grace Note Palette and Grace Note Menu, as described in Editing Grace Notes.

The procedures for editing ornaments are generally the same for all types of ornaments. Once you learn how to edit one type of ornament, you will be able to quickly learn how to edit the other types of ornaments. The following topics describe procedures that are shared in common by all types of ornaments:

B816Adding Ornaments
B816Converting Written-Out Performances to Ornaments
B816Reverting Ornaments to Written-Out Notes
B816Deleting an Ornament
B816Viewing and the Written-Out Performance of Ornaments

Remaining topics in this section provide procedures for editing special characteristics of each type of ornament:

B816Editing and Transcribing Trills
B816Editing Turns
B816Editing Mordents
B816Editing Arpeggios
B816Editing and Transcribing Tremolos