About the Trial Version of Notation Composer

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About the Trial Version of Notation Composer

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The trial version of Notation Composer is functional for 30 days from the installation date. The trial version offers all  features of Composer available in the full version, except printing and saving files.

To determine what version you are using of Notation Composer, choose the About command from the Help menu. A window will display the Notation Composer graphics logo and the version number of Composer. This window also displays "Trial Version" if you are using the trial version rather than the full purchased version of Composer.

With the trial version of Composer you can edit the score and play it back, work with the practice features, and see how it can help you with your music.

If you have enjoyed using the trial version of Composer, we hope you will consider purchasing the full version of the software, which removes the 30-day trial period limitation and allows you to save and share your work. To purchase the full version of Composer, please visit our website at www.notation.com/Buy.php to review your options.