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Sherry C 10-15-2011 12:30 AM

Getting started with Garritan Libraries (Notation Composer)
Hi friends,

This video is intended to get you up and going with Garritan Libraries using their Aria Player along with Notation Composer. (If you have not done so, you'll want to install a virtual MIDI cable as described in this other video.)

This video gives you a brief introduction into the settings you'll want to be sure are lined up (eg. channel numbers corresponding between staves and instruments in the Aria player), and some of the tools that are really handy to use for getting a good performance from the Garritan instruments (eg. the Graph Over Notes tools). The tutorial video uses some template files, but the settings will need to be followed for files that you set up from scratch as well.

Additionally, if you first install the ASIO4ALL driver (free at and use it in Aria, then you can also record into Notation Composer virtually latency-free. This means that when you press the key on your keyboard to record or play along, you'll hear the sound at the same instant rather than after some delay (the GS Wavetable has a delay of nearly a half-second).

Here are the Garritan ensemble template files for Notation Composer (these are .not files for Composer):

For more information about these templates, you can see the original thread.

To view this video, you can click here. To download it to your computer, please use this download link.



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