Sharing Your Music With Others so They Can View, Play, and Print Your Songs

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Sharing Your Music With Others so They Can View, Play, and Print Your Songs

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Once you have prepared a song with Notation Musician, you might want to share it with others-- family members, friends, or visitors at your web site.  There are several ways you can share you music with others:


Share your Notation .not file, which can be viewed, played, or printed by the free Notation Player.


Send your Notation .not file via email to your family member or friend, or publish the .not file at your web site.  Instruct your family member, friend, or web site visitor to download the free Notation Player from  Or, you can send the Notation Player with your  .not file, or make it directly downloadable from your web site.

The free Notation Player lets the user view, play, and print your music exactly as you saved it.  It has many of the features of Notation Musician. However, it does not allow the user to edit the music.


Share your song as a MIDI .mid or Karaoke .kar file.


The MIDI file format is the most common format supported by Musician for sharing your song with others.  On most Windows systems, the user can double-click the MIDI file name and it will immediately start playing.

The MIDI file format directly supports only playing, not viewing and printing.  That, in fact, is the main purpose of Notation Musician, to convert MIDI files to viewable and printable sheet music.

To export your song as a MIDI file, use the File menu's Export as MIDI or Karaoke command, and choose MIDI File as the save-as file type.


Share your song as a PDF .pdf file.


PDF files are easily shared between computer platforms, making them a great way to share music sheets with friends.

To export a high resolution copy of your song in PDF format, simply use the File / Export...PDF command.