Searching for and Downloading MIDI Files from the Internet

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Searching for and Downloading MIDI Files from the Internet

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You can use your favorite Internet browser, such as Firefox or Microsoft's Internet Explorer, to search for and download MIDI files from the Internet. If you have associated the MIDI .mid filename extension and Karaoke .kar filename extension with Composer, then as soon as the download of the file has completed, Composer will automatically start up and open the file. You will see the MIDI or Karaoke file transcribed to sheet music.

Also, you can use your favorite Internet browser to download MIDI files to a folder on your system. Then you can use Composer's File Open command to open any of the downloaded MIDI files. You might find this method inconvenient if you tend to forget the folder where you have downloaded your files.

Instead of using an external browser, you can use Composer's built-in Internet browser to download and open MIDI and Karaoke files. This built-in browser is actually Microsoft's Internet Explorer, repackaged inside of Composer's own window.

The following topics describe how to use Composer's built-in browser.